Don't Be A Prick Freaker

Don't Be A Prick Freaker

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Stay sharp.

Fits EVERY Beverage - Elastic is knit in throughout the FREAKER, giving it the ability to stretch and fit beer bottles, water bottles, sports bottles, wine, you name it. FREE returns if it doesn’t fit your beverage of choice. 

Made in North Carolina: We once had the best Prickly Pear tea in a shop in Durham. Believe that.

Insulates: Not only does this bottle cover protect you from bottle sweat, it keeps the worst a-holes at the bar from starting conversations.

Machine Washable: Toss it in the load with all the lime green, cactus themed towels you have for your Southwestern themed kitchen.

American Jobs: Every time we sell one of these, we handle it with care.

Patent # 8,104,636