Good Morning Tea

Good Morning Tea

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Good Morning Tea is the perfect blend to wake up to in the morning. Gingko has been known to improve blood flow to the brain and acts as an antioxidant. Ginkgo also boosts memory and cognitive speed. Peppermint, orange peel and rosehips are all high in Vitamin C, which will give you the energy you need through out the day.

Organic: peppermint, gingko, rosehips, orange peel, ginger root, anise

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About the Brand
I am a Holy Fire Reiki Master and I give and spread love through my stones and teas. I started to walk a spiritual path many years ago, that path has led me to study many different systems of healing. I am extremely passionate about living a cruelty-free organic lifestyle. I AM a spiritual warrior, lightworker, vegan animal loving yogi and a free-spirited lover of anything new age. All of my teas are organic and hand blended. My gifts are set with the intention to help heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Herbs and crystals have the incredible ability to create powerful shifts within. All of my gifts are all infused and blessed with Reiki Love.