Harry Otter Freaker

Harry Otter Freaker

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Somewhere between Whiskey River and the road... again.

If you put this Freaker on the right bottle, get 'in the right mindset', and you play your favorite album backwards, Chile will come to life and start singing. #UrbanLegends

Keep it COLD - Protects from your hot hands and the sun, keeping it cool way past the time it should take you to drink it!

Stops Bottle SWEAT- No More condensation soggying up your napkin, making rings and dripping on your legs! 

Fits EVERY Beverage - Elastic is knit in throughout the FREAKER, giving it the ability to stretch and fit beer bottles, water bottles, sports bottles, wine, you name it. FREE returns if it doesn’t fit your beverage of choice.  

Identify YOUR drink - Never get confused again when you get back from the bathroom or sit your drink down for a few minutes.

MADE IN AMERICA - Make a small environmental footprint and support your local community, from start to finish FREAKERS, are made in North Carolina!  

Patent # 8,104,636

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