Suavecita Foam Hair Rollers
Suavecita Foam Hair Rollers

Suavecita Foam Hair Rollers

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These Foam Rollers will help you define your curls and maximize your hair’s look effortlessly. They are a great way to curl your hair using no heat. These rollers are strong and dense with a secure snap lock feature. Soft foam ensures comfort while you leave them in during your beauty sleep never pinching or creating pressure points.

Sponge rollers benefit other than complete comfort is it’s ability to create variation in your curls giving you a more natural looking style. 

Directions: For a longer lasting hairstyle, dampen dry hair with the Suavecita Grooming Spray before rolling or wrap towel-dried hair onto rollers and wrap in a scarf overnight; remove rollers when hair is completely dry.

  • Super soft and comfortable foam
  • Achieve a natural looking curl
  • Gentle and effective
  • Comfortable to wear overnight 
  • Package of 12