Suavecita OG Script Pink Barber Cape
Suavecita OG Script Pink Barber Cape

Suavecita OG Script Pink Barber Cape

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Keep your clients covered from everything with the Pink Suavecita OG Script Barber Cape. We designed this cover-all with the same quality standards of our other barber capes but directed towards a more female audience. 100% polyester material is soft and comfortable while remaining durable and lightweight. We provided an elastic neck and metal hooks for a perfect fit every time. Great for protection while cutting or coloring hair.

  • Measures Approximately 55” W x 63” L
  • Pink Color
  • Suavecita logo on the front

Wash Instructions:
Gentle Wash Cold 30 Degrees
Do NOT Tumble Dry
Do NOT Bleach
Do NOT Iron
Drip Dry Only

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