Suavecita White Tint Bowl Set of 7
Suavecita White Tint Bowl Set of 7
Suavecita White Tint Bowl Set of 7
Suavecita White Tint Bowl Set of 7

Suavecita White Tint Bowl Set of 7

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The Suavecita Tint Bowl Set is an easy to use and easier to clean. These seven interlocking bowls make an array of trays that will allow to keep all colors at hand and close. They have a non-slip base and are tip proof allowing you to breath a little easier knowing you can’t spill. Our Tint Bowls are a breeze to use and will make the job even more enjoyable.

  • Seven bowls that easily snap together
  • Made from easy to clean material
  • White bowls that allow you to clearly see your color
  • Non-slip base and tip-proof design
  • Patented color saver ridges prevent color waste
  • Great for balayage, color melts and all-over color

Suavecita Semi-Permanent Hair Colors Available

Woodland is a dark green shade that is as effervescent as a forest. This color matches with your taste for adventure.

Whirlwind is a light smoky grey with depth and substance. This shade is a tornado of satisfying hues that will knock ‘em dead.

Paradox is a bright purple that shines like an amethyst gem. This shade is an absolute dream.

Nebula is a rich midnight blue. So dark and mysterious; this cool tone will take you to another world.

Muse is a fun and radiant cotton candy pink. This shade matches with your warm and bubbly personality.

Mantra is a ruby red shade that will leave you feeling like the little mermaid herself. This fiery red will be sure to turn heads.

Eclipse is a cool toned pitch-black as dark as the moonless night. Turn to this shade for a magical and effortless shine.

Blue Agave is a grey-blue that looks as cool as the ocean. You'll look edgy and effortless.

Rosebud is a grungy pink for those who like to stray from traditional, bubblegum shades.

Poppy is a muted coral shade that adds a hint of brightness but still keeps a bit of mystery.

Wisteria is a stunning pastel purple that will give you a whimsical, ethereal look.

Honeydew is a light green hue that will transport you to an enchanted garden.